These Flash Drives Show Off Your Affiliation With Hand Signs

I’m sorry, but I can’t appreciate this set of novelty Hand Signs USB Drives without one of them throwing up a middle finger.  That’s, like, a middle finger to the most emphatic hand sign of all time.

Instead, you get a choice between a clenched fist, the peace sign, the Vulcan Salute , metal horns, East Side and West Side.  It’s nice that Crips, Bloods, Trekkies, Hippies and even Metalheads are represented and all, but what about the regular guy?  You know, the dude who drives to work everyday and throws up a middle finger at the other driver while cussing obscenities.  Cubicle drones with anger issues are people, too.

Each of the Hand Signs USB Drives is sold separately, so you don’t have to be stuck with another irritating Star Trek reference if that’s not your thing.  The body is made from PVC (measurements are 2.5 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches), with a cap cover for the USB plug opposite the hand.

Only 2GB of storage is available with each fob, which is ridiculously paltry for 2011.  We guess they’re not expecting anyone who actually needs extra storage to buy these things, anyway — just goofs who like hand signs sticking out of the sides of their laptops.  They have me all figured, don’t they?

The Hand Signs USB Drives are available from the creators’ website (Toronto-based IMM Living), priced at $35 each.  Aside from the hand signals, they have a bunch of other novelty USB drives decked in various styles, like combs and rulers, so you might want to check them out.