HEST Foamy Is A Two-Layer Car Camping Mattress That Can Roll Into A Compact Bundle

The great thing about car camping is the ability to bring larger mattresses, allowing you to sleep a lot more comfortably than you would when you’re simply hiking to the camp site on foot. Problem is, those same comfier mattresses take up a whole load of space, leaving you less room for other gear you want to bring along. The HEST Foamy changes that.

The outfit’s most packable car camping mattress, it packs down to the dimensions of a medium-sized duffel, allowing it to take minimal room in the boot, so you still have plenty of space for a big load of gear. While we still wouldn’t take it on a hike (it’s too big to strap down to a pack), it does give you a comfy sleeping surface that takes a fraction of the space of most car camping mattresses.

The HEST Foamy is constructed with two layers of enhanced memory foam, which, the outfit claims, are the same types of high-performance polyfoams used in leading home mattresses. The top layer is designed to contour plush to the shape of your body and regulate temperature as you sleep, while the bottom layer provides stable support and pressure point relief. The bottom layer is waterproof, as well, so the bed stays dry even when there’s moisture on the floor you’re sleeping on.

Designed to collapse in a more compact size, the mattress can be rolled to a pile of about 15 inches in diameter, with an integrated compression harness strap that ensures it shrinks into the desired pile. Do note, you’ll have to put some pressure when rolling this to ensure you’re able to pack it as tightly as possible, as the compression harness only comes in once you’re putting the final touches during packing.

The HEST Foamy is fitted with a removable cover that you can throw in the washer for cleaning, as well as a stash pocket that you can use to hold your smartphone, keys, and wallet while you’re sleeping. It also has a small piece of extra material at one end that can serve as a mat for leaving your footwear on before you hit the hay, while linking clips allow you to connect multiple mattresses for expanding the sleeping surface. Once rolled up, by the way, you’ll notice a carry handle on the exterior, which you can use to tow it by hand, in case you want to bring the mattress to a nearby tent.

Two sizes of mattresses are available: standard (78 x 25 inches) and wide (78 x 30 inches). Both roll up to the same 15-inch thickness, although one is obviously going to be longer than the other. The standard mattress weighs 11 pounds and the wide model tips the scales at 13 pounds. Do note, you only get the mattress (the pillow in the product photos isn’t included), so you’ll need to bring a separate pillow if you want to elevate your head while you’re deep in slumber.

The HEST Foamy is available now, priced at $299.

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