HEX Sports Watch Band Adds Nike Plus Dongle To Nano Watch

Wearing the iPod Nano 6 like a watch makes perfect sense during workouts.  The HEX Sports Watch Band takes the usefulness a step further by adding a cutout to accommodate a Nike Plus dongle.

Granted, that isn’t anything revolutionary.  Still, it makes perfect sense if you’re using both an iPod Nano and the Nike Plus in-shoe pedometer during your fitness activities — a combo that’s been very popular for tracking workouts as of late.

The  HEX Sports Watch Band features a stylish, sporty design that lets you pop the Nano in and out very easily, all while adequately securing it so it stays in.  Made from perforated premium silicone, the accessory provides breathability and comfort — a necessity during sweat-inducing athletic activities.

All of the Nano’s ports and controls are easily accessible while it sits inside the band’s frame.  An additional port beside the 3.5m jack cutout is sized to fit the Nike Plus dongle when you insert it into the music player’s connector.

We’ve all known the iPod Nano 6 and a watch band makes for an excellent workout companion.  The HEX Sports Watch Band  extends that usefulness so you can track your runs with the Nike Plus, too.  It will be available in April, priced at $29.99.

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