Houreisen Face Exercise Mask Gives You A Natural Face Lift

Face lifts and botox can make sagging cheeks look tight again.  Unless you’ve managed to set up plenty of expendable income, though, expensive surgery is probably not an option that’s readily available.  Maybe you can try this Houreisen Face Exercise Mask, which supposedly tightens sagging cheeks by “giving your face a workout.”

Worn on the lower side of the face, the mask hooks to your ears and while cradling both cheeks.  I guess it’s supposed to pull the skin upwards while worn (hence, the face lift), which just sounds like the kind of thing a 10-year-old will invent.

Granted, I’m not one to judge whether the Houreisen Face Exercise Mask works or not.  I mean, some people swear by those facercise things.  This is kind of like the lazy man’s version.  Instead of actually doing exercises that supposedly tone and strengthen your face muscles, though, it just pulls your face up all by itself.

The mask itself is constructed from silicon rubber, rather than regular fabric, so it will engage your face muscles into going in the direction it desires.   Instructions are to wear it ten minutes a day, while opening and closing your mouth alternately the entire time.  Oh yes, it’s totally recommended that you wear it at work.  Tee-hee.

Sure, it’s suspect.  If the Houreisen Face Exercise Mask doesn’t work, though, it could make for a sweet-looking wrestling mask — just throw in the appropriate attire, create a proper persona and start strutting about town like a middle-aged lucha libre character.  Or something like that.  It’s available from Japan Trend Shop, priced at $93.