Hurdle Hanger Just Might Be The Most Efficient Way To Store Your Pants


Some people store their pants in the closet using hooks and clips. Others fold it into regular hangers (or manly hangers, if you’re into that).  And some either fold it or roll it onto a closet shelf. The Hurdle Hanger offers a faster way of storing pants than any of those options.

Billed as the “one-second pants hanger,” the organizing solution lets you store your pants with minimal fanfare, allowing you to secure the pants on a hanger with nothing but simple actions. Sure, it’s still not as fast as hanging your pants on an open hook using a belt loop, but if you don’t have hooks on your closet, then we can’t imagine a more efficient solution.


The Hurdle Hanger, basically, takes the traditional hanger design and removes half of the top section, leaving it open on one side, so you can easily slip your pants through the side to fold it across the hanger, instead of threading it in through the hole in the center. And yes, you can store your pants that way, in case you don’t like the whole length of your pants dangling in the closet. Alternatively, you can thread three belt loops into the hanger (one loop on the open side, one loop in a lower hook in the middle, and one loop at a hook in the closed end), if you prefer your pants dangling in their full glory. Yes, that three loop solution sounds similar to the Jean Hanger from before, but this does improve on that in some meaningful ways.

The hook at the closed end, by the way, is meant to be facing outwards in the closet, so you can use it to hang belts, scarves, and other accessories, giving you further options for organizing your closet. We mean, you literally gain one additional hook for storage in the closet for every single one of these hangers you use.


Since there’s no hole in the middle that you need to thread garments into, the Hurdle Hanger measures just 5 inches tall, giving you more space at the bottom of the closet to keep folded and rolled garments. It’s also just a fifth of an inch thick, making it way slimmer than your standard clip hanger, so you can hang considerably more of these in the same amount of space. Construction is high-quality ABS plastic, instead of the polypropylene that’s traditionally used with plastic hangers, so this should hold up a heck of lot better over time. That’s right, even though it’s merely a fifth of an inch thick, you’ll need to exert some muscle power in order to break this. A non-slip rubber material at the open section of the hanger ensures there’s no chance that your pants will fall off when shuffling clothes around while looking for a specific item in the closet, so you won’t have to put up with having to put pants back in the hanger over and over.


Is this a better pants hanger than what you currently have? We don’t know. Is it worth trying just for the promised convenience of making it easier to store your pants? Most definitely. Plus, we wouldn’t mind having all those extra hooks available in our closet.

The Hurdle Hanger is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. You can reserve a 10-pack for pledges starting at $20.

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