Ignite Your Home With Bomb And Dynamite Candles


If you like war games and action movies, I doubt you’ll be the type of guy who likes fancy candles too.  Perhaps, you’ll change your mind for just one purchase, though, when you see this pair of bomb and dynamite wax pieces.

Branded as Notmy, as in “Not my dynamites you see in the backseat, officer,” the duo should serve as the perfect backdrop to a romantic evening between two subscribers to Guns & Ammo.  Can you imagine a quiet dinner for two with candles…except the candles are clad as a bomb and a dynamite?

My girlfriend once told me it was relaxing for everyone to soak in a tub with lighted candles in the bathroom.  Yeah, right.  As if you can imagine John Rambo or Die Hard McLaine relieving the day’s stresses doing that.  If she can fill the bathroom with candles clad as explosives, however, she might make a good case.  I, for one, would gladly indulge, as long we add one of those skulls with a candle on top like they do in horror films.

The Notmy Bomb candle is available for $4.90, while its three-piece Dynamite compatriot sells for $6.90.  You can get both as the “Ammunition Pack” for $10.90 from the store link below.  Just be careful when piling them next to real explosives.  The last thing you want is to pick up and set fire to the wrong thing….KABOOM!

[The Great Mystake]