IndoorVelo Makes It Easy To Mount Phones, Tablets, And Laptops On Your Spin Bike

Buying a Peloton bike is a great way to get your cardio workouts at home. It’s also a great way to spend a lot of money, since… you know… it’s quite an expensive investment. For most folks, buying a second hand spin bike or, better yet, a bike trainer is just way more cost-effective. Of course, a Peloton brings certain advantages, not the least of which is the big touchscreen out front for playing guided workouts and outdoor biking tours. The IndoorVelo offers an easy way to add a similar viewing screen to your affordable exercise bike setup.

A screen mount for indoor bike training, the accessory clamps onto a bike’s handlebars, giving you a convenient place to mount phones, tablets, and laptops, so you can use them as a viewing screen for your workouts. Whether you just want to watch a movie while you pedal in place or you want to use Zwift’s virtual training app, this thing lets you do that using any device you already have. Basically, you get an approximate of the Peloton experience for less, making it a great fit for folks looking to build a proper home training setup at a relatively lower cost.

The IndoorVelo consists of a frame that clamps on the handlebar of your bike, instantly giving you a place to hold laptops, phones, and tablets. No, the same mount won’t be able all of those three at once. Instead, it comes in two models: one that holds a tablet and a phone at the same time; and another that holds a laptop and a phone. The mount, by the way, is designed so that the larger screen (laptop or tablet) is positioned a bit farther from the handlebar, while the phone is immediately within reach. That way, you get the bigger screen of a tablet or laptop for viewing workouts and videos, while still getting easy access to your phone for controlling music, taking Zoom calls, or interacting with your training app of choice.

According to the outfit, it’s compatible with all sizes of tablets and smartphones. With laptops, though, they set a hard limit of 14 inches in width, which should work with most every laptop other than the excessively large gaming models of yore.

The IndoorVelo is made from carbon and aluminum, so this is both lightweight and highly-durable. According to the outfit, it will hold your devices in a secure manner, too, so there’s no need to worry about dropping your expensive gadgets when you get a little rowdy on the bike. The standard model, by the way, is designed to mount on all road bike, mountain bike, and hybrid bike handlebars, so as long as you’re using a bike with a conventional handlebar, you should be fine. They do offer a slightly more expensive variant for triathlon bikes, since the handlebar profile on that is wildly different than the usual.

Want one? A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the IndoorVelo. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €125.

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