iPhone Can Control Your Lights


Your iPhone and iPod Touch can now be used to dim the lights in your home.  It seems to be a running theme these days to use the ultra handy phones and devices that most people carry around with them for even more wackier uses.  A whole collection of companies are taking advantage of the popularity of these devices to design add-ons that can be used with the cell phones.  Now a company called Lutron has developed the ability to dim your homes lights from your iPod or iPhone device.

Lutron is responsible for the ever popular dimmer switch and has decided to step into the cell phone generation with their latest product.  With the addition of this handy little gadget to your collection, it will only be a matter of time before your Ipod or cell phone will become the center of your universe.  That is, if it isn’t already.

Take a look at all the devices on the market now that will control the electronics in your home.  It is certainly an exciting time to be living!  The Lutron device will also allow you to split up the lights that are controlled by your phone.  This will allow you to keep careful track of all the lights that are on in your home.  This is actually a great device to use if you are trying to keep the lights turned off in your home and save some money on your energy bill or are environmentally concious.

Check it out and shut those lights off in your home when no  one is in the room.


Via ubergizmo