Use Juniper’s Ground Controls To Give Your Electronic Projects A Vintage NASA Control Room Aesthetic


We’re not sure what you’ll want to use them for. Heck, we’re not sure you’ll even find them useful. What we do know is, we’re absolutely awestruck about these Ground Controls from Juniper Design, which gives you a set of basic electronic interfaces that look like they came out of a NASA control room from the mid-20th century.

A set of power accessories that you can use as switches and outlets, it lets give any electronics project (or your home) that unique vintage control room aesthetic. Seriously, if you ever wanted to make your bedroom look like a spaceship straight out of a campy 1940s sci-fi movie, these things will really help achieve the look.


The Juniper Ground Controls consist of four accessories: a toggle switch, a North American power outlet, a dimmer knob, and dual charging ports. They’re real functional power interfaces, so you can wire them to your home’s electrical system as a replacement for any existing switches and outlets, although the round shape does mean you’ll probably need to do more than a simple swap. Yeah, you’ll definitely want to have this professionally-installed unless you want partial holes on your wall from a previous rectangular switch or power outlet panel.

If you like to put together electronic projects, then these things can definitely fit right into your setup, especially if you want to give your creations slightly elevated aesthetics. A custom power bank with that dual USB charging hub? Yep. A custom power strip with those outlets? Cool. A custom MIDI controller that looks like a control board from a NASA station from back in the day? Absolutely.


All items in the Juniper Ground Controls collection are made from brass, with either a black oxide, a raw brass, or a satin nickel finish. Each one is individually available, with prices starting at $110.

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