Koraloc Backpack Lets You Carry Up To Three Surfboards On Your Back


We have no idea how comfortable or uncomfortable it is to carry multiple surfboards on your back. If you’re curious to find out, though, just pick up one of Koraloc’s surf backpacks, which let you strap on up to three surfboards, and try it for yourself.

That’s right, this erstwhile normal-looking backpack is designed to accommodate up three surfboards, so you don’t have to bother installing racks on your bike or motorcycle while heading down to the beach. You won’t have to carry them by hand when you get there, either. Just strap the boards to your backpack and you’re set.


The Koraloc Surf Backpack uses a harness system out front to secure up to three surfboards onto it. It can handle any board between 5’6’’ and 8’, with the ability to adjust the boards upwards to allow for leg clearance, as well as a slightly tilted design to make it possible to ride bikes while carrying surfboards behind you. Apart from carrying surfboards, it still functions as a regular backpack, with 29 liters of storage, a laptop pocket, outer side pockets, and adjustable shoulder straps.


Aside from surfboards, the bag’s design makes it equally possible to carry beach chairs, snowboards, SUPs, and other gear, making for a highly-useful companion for your outdoor adventures. Do note, carrying surfboards on this thing will probably make it impossible to get inside doorways and low tunnels (when biking), so make sure you to figure that in your list of things to avoid.


Available now, the Koraloc Surf Backpack is priced at $199.99.

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