Grip And Turn Any Bolt With This Self-Adjusting Universal Socket Wrench


Many multi-tools come with integrated wrenches that you can use to grip bolts, nuts, and screws throughout the course of a day. Problem is, if you don’t have the correct wrench size in your multi-tool, you’ve got no recourse. That won’t be an issue with the Kusonkey Universal Socket.

A versatile socket wrench, the tool can facilitate a strong grip on any object between 7mm and 19mm, automatically adapting its head to accommodate the object you’re using it on. That means, you can use the same tool to assemble your bed, install a new bike part, and add hooks in the kitchen, making for one truly versatile addition to any EDC gear.

Inside the Kusonkey Universal Socket are 54 spring pins that can retract to accommodate the shape of whatever nut, bolt, or object it’s gripping, allowing it to work with nearly any object within the diameter range that you’d like to grip and turn. The same design also allows it to accommodate any shape of head, along with heads that have been misshapen due to damage. All spring pins are made from hardened steel, too, so these should provide a solid grip that won’t break, even during those times you’re trying to remove a rusty bolt that seems to have been stuck in place forever.

According to the outfit, this is professional-grade, so you can use it for serious work in a shop. Do note, we’d probably still keep an actual socket wrench set nearby, just in case this thing doesn’t provide enough leverage to let you turn the most difficult fastening hardware.

The Kusonkey Universal Socket comes with a hex key (single size), which you can use to loosen screws and other hardware. Yes, we think you’ll probably just leave that at home, too, since the adaptable socket is really the most useful part of this thing. Aside from the hex key, it’s also designed to work with a variety of accessories, including a gator grip socket and a drill bit adapter, all while attaching to a power drill for those times you need a lot more torque.

Want one? The Kusonkey Universal Socket is available now.

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