LED Respirator Gas Mask: Bad Odor Protection For Clubbers


All-night dance parties are cool.  Between the alcohol, the mass of sweaty people and the smoke, however, it’s a nightmare for sensitive noses.  Spare your olfactory organ while staying totally awesome with the LED Respirator Gas Mask, a half-face field protective mask with bright blinking LEDs.

Sold on eBay by Cyb3rBurn, the apocalyptic fashion accessory should play perfect for scenesters who like to don outrageous get-ups.  Even if gas-leak-chic isn’t your particular fancy, pair it with the right outfit and you’ll be looking spiffy – all while being able to relieve yourself from the bad odor and numerous air pollutants emanating from the drug-addled, bathed-last-night party animals dancing right next to you.   Hmmmm….

Covering your face, mouth and chin, the LED Respirator Gas Mask attaches to your face comfortably with adjustable elastic bands that wrap around the back of the head.  The respirator tank is fitted with high-intensity LED lights that feature four different effects – alternating, back and forth, blinking and rotating.  Whether you’re screaming for attention or just want to look ready in case some terrorists bomb the dancefloor with gas (both synthetic and organic, lol), these party-ready, attention-getting gas masks should get the job done.

Intended more as a costume than a functional gas mask, I doubt this odd accessory will really filter airborne contaminants.  Bad smell and stinky farts, though, I’m sure it can handle without breaking a sweat.  Just make sure you remember that in case you figure in the middle an anthrax attack – this thing isn’t likely to keep you safe.

You can find the LED Respirator Gas Mask available on eBay for $39.99, plus shipping.

[eBay via TechnaBob]