Roll Like A Luchadore With These Lucha Libre Masks

Want to dress up like your favorite Luchadore, but don’t know where to get those colorful Mexican head gear?  Look no further than this Lucha Libre Mask collection from Corazon Fair Trade.

Made in Mexico, the items feature close reproductions of the masks worn by popular pro-wrestling figures from south of the border.  Both Technicos and Rudos are well-represented, so there’s a good chance you will find some of your favorite hooded grapplers on board.

The Lucha Libre Masks each feature a variety of makes, depending on what the design requires — some from lycra, some from polyester.  All have foam lining, with either a lace-up or a zipper closure.  They only come in one adult size, though, so small kids and dudes with bigger heads (7.75 inches or above) are out of luck.

From legends like Mil Mascaras and Huracan Ramirez to recent stars like Psicosis and Mascara Dorada to pop culture personalities like Super Barrio, they offer a generous roster of masks to choose from.  All the accoutrements of each mask is recreated, including colors, horns, furs and other weird flourishes.  That way, all you need are spandex pants and a cape to really dress up like an authentic Lucha Libre practitioner.

Price for the standard Lucha Libre Masks are $19 each, with the less-elaborate ones going for as low as $12.  They offer discounts for orders of 3 or more, in case you’re looking to build an army of overweight Luchadores to start the new year.  Of course, they have adult-sized capes, too, which you can order with a mask for a combo price of $39.

[Corazon Fair Trade via Uncrate]