An Entire Home Office Hides In This Clever Rolling Cabinet


It looks like any rolling cabinet you can push under your desk at the office. Except, the Ludovico Office can actually convert into an actual mini-office that you can use to set down a laptop and hunker down to get some work done.

Designed by Claudio Sibille, the rolling cabinet looks like any traditional office furniture, ensuring it will fit perfectly inside any workspace. It is, however, intended for home users, giving them a way to enjoy the convenience of a home office, without having to permanently take up erstwhile valuable space.


To use the Ludovico Office, simply lift the fold-out tabletop on the side and flip out the legs to get yourself a functional writing desk. Since every office needs a chair, it actually has a detachable chair wedged around the drawers, which you can take out with a simple pulling motion. Yep, the rolling drawer has both a desk and a chair built right in, essentially giving you a complete office in a compact package. Just hide your laptop, desk lamp, and office supplies inside the two drawers and the filing cabinet to get you ready to roll out a well-equipped office in a pinch.

The rolling cabinet measures 20.5 x 18.5 x 35 inches (width x depth x height), allowing you to set it up in any small space around the house. During use, the table gives you a workspace measuring 28.5 x 18.5 inches (width x depth) – enough room to accommodate a laptop, a mouse, and a few extra peripherals.

Available now, the Ludovico Office is priced at $995.

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