Mamiya RZ33 Digicam Steals Your Soul In 33 Megapixels

Can’t get enough detail in your digital photographs?  We understand.  I’d love to see all my wife’s pores and wrinkles captured in high-density images too (umm…maybe not).  Hit up the new Mamiya RZ33, a large-sensor digital camera that will steal your soul and record in 33 whopping megapixels.

They’re calling it “the next generation of digital large-sensor cameras.”  Bearing beastly specs, it’s tough to argue.  Even better, the camera works cable-free.  Just pop a lens and a card, then enjoy taking photos that’s “just as smooth and trouble-free as shooting with film.”

The RZ33 is armed with a big-ass 48 x 36 mm, 33-megapixel CCD sensor, housed in an RZIID camera body.  Promising to produce mind-blowing images, it features 16-bit color, a large ISO range (50-800), a 12-stop dynamic range, 1.1 sec/frame and shutter syncs at all speeds.  It comes with a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen, “advanced microprocessor technology” for quick image processing, CompactFlash support and  full compatibility with Mamiya’s lenses, finders and accessories.

In all seriousness, I don’t really believe cameras can steal your soul.  Although at 33 megapixels, I have no doubt the Mamiya RZ33 digital camera kit comes close.   It comes bundling both the Capture One and Leaf Capture software in the box, with US pricing pegged at $17,990.  Shipments start this month.

[Mamiya RZ33]