Mammuth Rewarron Is The 1:3-Scale RC Truck You Never Knew You Wanted


We can understand the appeal of both 1:10-scale and 1:6-scale RC trucks, since you can bash, crawl, and erstwhile rough it up on wheels without actually having to drive up to far-flung locations. I mean, you can just run the darn things in the backyard or the local park. We find it harder to understand the Mammuth Rewarron, a 1:3-scale RC truck that you’ll actually have to take to an off-road trail to properly operate. I mean, we love it, but thinking about playing with it gives me headaches.

That’s right, someone made an RC truck that actually looks like a small car. You know, the kind you won’t be able to bash in the backyard, play with in the park (unless you want to get a citation), or crash safely into people because it’s, practically, an ATV-sized toy vehicle.


The Mammuth Rewarron measures a whopping 6.5 x 2.9 x 2.5 feet, making it just a bit smaller than your standard ATV and side-by-side. It weighs over 370 pounds, too, so you’re not going to be carrying this to an RC rally any time soon. A four-stroke 270cc engine provides the needed propulsion to send it running, with custom-developed giant torque servos providing the necessary steering and braking power. Features include a J-Arm suspension out front, a rigid axle suspension in the back, eight oil-filled dampers, four coil springs, and four oil disc brakes. And, yes, you drive it using an erstwhile standard 2.4Ghz controller.


Now available for preorder, the Mammuth Rewarron is priced at $5,500.

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