Mini Cooper JCW With 50s Racing Color, Classic Stripes


Want a Mini Cooper that looks at least a tad different from the typical set?  Try the Mini Cooper JCW World Championship 50, a special edition Mini to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the car’s storied motorsports past.

Sporting classic Mini styling, the car comes in a unique Connaught Green color, a favorite hue among British race cars from the 50s and 60s, with white stripes that mimic those found in Cooper F1 vehicles.  It sports a 1.6-liter 211-hp turbo four-cylinder engine, the same powertrain used as a standard in JCW race cars, along with plenty of accoutrements to commemorate the triumphant occasion.

All 250 side scuttle-numbered examples (yep, it’s a limited edition) get cross-spoke Challenge alloy wheels and various carbon fiber touches in the exterior (hood scoop, rear diffuser, exterior mirror caps and tailgate handle).  The JCW World Championship 50 can go 0 to 60 in just 6.5 seconds, while fostering top speeds of 238 kph.  It features unique suspension technology,  EPS and a button-triggered sports driving option that activates sharper steering response and adjusts the accelerator map (in case you actually want to push this cute, little baby to its maximum).  Interior gets a carbon fiber theme, with sporty red touches for even greater effect.

The authentic-looking hatchback is not yet priced, though, you can venture a pretty expensive guess and you wouldn’t be so wrong, given the Mini’s current pricing schemes.  That color looks mighty dandy, right?

[via Autoblog]