miniFumpa is The Electric Tire Pump That Fits In Your Pocket


Hand pumps are great and all, but all that elbow grease just seems like an unnecessary convenience, while relying exclusively on air canisters can get costly after a while. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective and convenient way to pump some air to your bike tires, you may want to check out the miniFumpa.

Measuring just 1.3 x 2.2 x 2.7 inches, the device is small enough to drop in any pocket, whether on your pants, cycling jersey, or backpack. It’s around the size of a small retractable tape measure, so you can carry one around without having to add unnecessary bulk or heft to your gear.


The miniFumpa is actually a smaller version of the outfit’s standard electric pump, which uses a patented compressor that draws in the surrounding air at high speeds and injects it into your tires. It works exactly the same way as the original, with one limitation: it only works with Presta valves (the ones commonly found on the tires of road bikes and commuters), so if you need a pump for your mountain bike (which likely uses a Schrader valve), you might have to get the larger version.

Despite the compact size, the device can blow up your tires up to 120 psi, so this is just as functional as any standard bike pump. To use, simply press the nozzle firmly onto your tire valve, press the power button, and let it rip. As soon as the tire is inflated to your satisfaction, press the power button again to turn it off and pull out the nozzle. Do note, it only holds enough juice to inflate two tires from flat to 100 psi on a single charge, so while this will make for a handy addition to your daily commute, it’s not all that suitable for extended time on the road. Unless, of course, you bring a power bank along so you can charge it many times over.


The miniFumpa comes in a patented case design that, according to the outfit, highly reduces vibration while thermally-stabilizing the internal compressor. That way, you can hold it when inflating the valve without any discomfort, although it will get a little warm when you inflate two bicycle tires in succession. It makes around 65db of noise during operation.

Unlike the bigger Fumpa, this one doesn’t come with an air pressure sensor, so you’ll have to feel your way around whether the tire is inflated enough to your liking. There’s also no temperature sensor to tell you when it’s overheating, so maybe just power off if it gets a little too hot for comfort.

Aside from inflating bike tires, the device can also be used to pump air into basketballs, volleyballs, and any other kind of ball that requires filling up with air. Do note, you will need to use needle valves specific to each equipment type, but it should present no issues.

Want one? The miniFumpa is available now, priced at $139.

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