Moshi Monsters MoPods: Call-Alerting Phone Charms With Cuddly Critters


Addicted to Moshi Monsters yet?  Fuel your monster-petting habit some more with Moshi Monster MoPods, which let you adopt an orphaned pet for use as your call-alerting mobile phone charm.

To the uninitiated, Moshi Monsters is a  popular online game that mixes elements from Neopets, Tamogotchi and social networking with cuddly monsters.  While designed for kids, we’ve seen adults hooked to this thing worse than heroin (okay, maybe not as badly).  MoPods, on the other hand, are a painfully cute, yet surprisingly practical, Japanese invention that puts caged pets inside a dome designed to hang on your mobile phone.

The Moshi Monsters MoPods combine the two together, sneaking a tiny monster from the game inside the plastic cage, in place of the kitten or pup you’d normally find.  Like other MoPods, the 6 x 2.3 x 2.3 cm charm does more than hang decoratively from your handset, alerting you to incoming calls by flashing and spinning like a Mini-Pinscher in psycho mode.

Each one comes with an “exclusive” unlock code for the game, which lets you adopt the very same monster on your MoPod.  Yep, you can finally bond with a virtual pet both online and offline, giving you more chances to spend your precious hours frivolously.  Even better, you can pretend that it’s actually your child’s pet monster when your professional colleagues ask why you have a strange-looking critter on your business phone.

Six monsters are available – Zommers, Diavlos, Katsumas, Furis, Luvlis and Poppets.  All Moshi Monster MoPods are only compatible with 2G phones and are only guaranteed to work with the following networks: T Mobile, O2, Orange, Virgin and Vodafone.   For the rest, you’ll have to ask  around (or order one and try).

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