MUUL RuckBucket Puts A Bucket In A Backpack Form Factor


Buckets are awesome. They can carry solids and liquids alike while being tough enough to be tossed, dropped, and sat on without instantly breaking. Truth be told, the one downside to buckets is that you have to carry it in hand, making it extremely taxing when carrying heavy loads. What if you can strap that bucket to your back and shoulders instead? That’s exactly what they did with the MUUL RuckBucket.

No, it’s not a traditional bucket with its cylindrical shape and top carry handle. Instead, it’s designed to perform the same functions as any bucket with a similar capacity, albeit with the ability to strap on your shoulders for carrying on your back like a regular rucksack. Use it to fetch water from the river, collect fruits from a tree, or carry your fishing supplies, then plop it on your back for carrying like a backpack.


The MUUL RuckBucket actually consists of a food-safe and industrial-grade five-gallon bucket that’s been wrapped in a 500-denier fabric, so the hard plastic is covered in something just as durable and tough. Inside, it gets an insulated liner to help keep whatever you put inside at an even temperature, whether it’s a bunch of sandwiches you packed for lunch or some cold drinks you collected straight from the fridge. Since it’s nothing more than a custom-shaped bucket wrapped in a ripstop material, the bag is crushproof and watertight, allowing you to use it as a stool when you need to rest your legs, hold liquid items, and even protect delicate items from bumps.

Do note, the insulated liner isn’t really enough for it to serve as a functional cooler. As such, they threw in a cooler accessory that sits flush inside the backpack, which should help reinforce the insulation while keeping all the water away from the main bag. That way, you can remove the cooler accessory as soon as you’re done and immediately use the bag for something else. Just from the looks alone, we doubt this can keep ice as well as a dedicated backpack cooler, but for day trips and tailgates, we have a feeling this thing will serve its function well enough.


The MUUL RuckBucket comes with MOLLE straps on the outside that let you mount compatible pouches and accessories. That way, if you have any existing MOLLE gear in your stash, you can easily attach it to the backpack exterior to expand your storage options. The pack itself comes with two MOLLE pouches sized to install on each side of the bag for holding smaller items, like water bottles, energy bars, and more.  One pouch can be secured with a flap, while the other comes with a cinch closure.


Features include adjustable shoulder straps, side carry handles, a top handle, and a sturdy foam lid that’s stiff enough to serve as a seat. It comes in three color options (black, tan, or blue).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the MUUL RuckBucket. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $89.

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