Nau Fluent Stash Folds Your Gear In Neatly

Looking for a way to stash your crapload of cool gear in a neat and organized manner?  Try the Nau Fluent Stash, a multi-pocket hand bag with an elegant design reminiscent of the  Japanese art of paper folding.

About the size of an envelope, the strapless satchel measures 9 inches long with a width of 7.5 inches at the base and 5.5 inches at the top.  Yes, it’s a bit irregular, but that has afforded it a good dose of storage space while remaining slim when folded shut.

Laid out, the Nau Fluent Stash features three stash pockets at the bottom (including two with snap-button flap closures) and a zip-secured mesh pocket at the top, allowing you to easily organize whatever small items you plan to throw into the container.  When closing up, the two side pockets at the bottom and the top mono-mesh fold into the center, with an aluminum buckle at the end of the self-fabric flap securing the entire thing shut.

An iPad or a netbook may be out of the question for fitting into this bag.  All that other stuff that would end up in your pants pocket and on the outer pouches of your overstuffed backpack, though, look to be good to go on this thing.  You know, accessory gear like cables, chargers, phones, iPods, peripherals and such.

The Nau Fluent Stash is made from 100% recycled die-cut wool felt and is available in that pictured “Caviar” color.  You can get one for $80.

[Nau , via Uncrate]