Never Get Lost Again With GPS Shoes


We’ve all been there. We go on vacation to our dream destination, and once we’re there we’re utterly lost. We don’t know where we’re going, and if we do we don’t know how to get there. Directions seem pretty much useless, and maps may as well be discarded, too, because without familiarity you can bet you’ll have some trouble. While we’re driving, we have the option of using a GPS, a handy tool indeed, but what are we supposed to do once we’re out of the car? The battery in a GPS is not designed to last very long, and you’ll look plenty weird carrying your GPS around just to make sure you don’t get lost.

So if you’ve ever gone to Italy and wanted to go to all your dream locations but think you’ll just get lost trying to walk there, you need the SatNav Shoes. These gadgets go right on your feet to make sure that while all the other tourists are scratching their heads, you’re walking with the confidence of a native. Using the same technology as what’s found in a GPS, the SatNav Shoes guide from you point to point without any fuss.


The technology is easy to use. The left shoe holds all the gadgetry. Just enter your starting and destination post costs by pressing a couple of buttons and you’ll be off without any worry about getting lost. Thanks to built-in, waterproof speakers in the heel of the left shoe, you’ll hear an insistent beep when you are headed in the wrong direction. Otherwise, the shoes tell you directions in the same way as a GPS, directing you to turn left, right, left, etc. Best of all, this gadget comes equipped with blue-tooth technology, allowing you to listen to directions using your mobile headset.

Via: firebox