Nu-Screen HD Looks Like Chapstick, Polishes Your Phone’s Display

Like Chapstick for rectangular boxes that we stare at all day, the Nu-Screen HD is  a screen polish that you dab onto your smartphone, tablet or handheld console’s display.  Doing so will supposedly leave your screen with a high-gloss finish — and glossy things are oh-so-pretty.

When applied on a screen, it will create a layer that helps minimize fingerprints and smudges (how, exactly, I have no idea).   Plus, it will “wipe cleaner, faster and easier” (which makes some sense, since all the muck should end up on that stuff layered on top of the display).

The Nu-Screen HD comes in a Chapstick-like applicator with a rectangular tip, so you aren’t likely to mistake it for a more rounded lip balm (actually, you probably will).  The actual layering material is Carnauba-based, which means it’s a polishing wax of sorts, just like that thing you use to give your car a spit shine.  We’re not sure how that translates to a better touchscreen, but we’re sure willing to watch you try (we wash our hands of this, of course).

At any rate, the idea is cute and a lip balm applicator does make sense as a cleaning dispenser for handheld devices.  If you like your PSP and your iPod Touch to sparkle with polish, we imagine this could work.  I just wish there was more to it than just a wax polish, though (if I want a layer for my screen, I’d just use a stick-on protector).

Those looking to try something new with $26 to burn can hit the source link to get yourself a Nu-Screen HD.

[Nu-Screen via MobileCrunch]