Olympic Ceremony Monowheel: Forget The Bicycle, Get Me One Of These

You can deck your bicycle in bright lights and reflectors if you want motorists to notice you at night. But that still runs a small risk of someone flat out missing you — you’re still on a tiny pedal-powered vehicle that’s no wider than your own frame, after all. If you want to grab everyone’s attention any time you’re on the road, you’ll want to ride something that can grab attention better than a fixie and this Olympic Ceremony Monowheel will do just that.

A giant monocycle measuring 79 inches in diameter, it consists of two rings: one in the inner circumference and another one serving as the vehicle’s wheel. The inner one mounts the saddle and stays in place the whole time, while the second rotates as you pedal to ferry you from place to place.

A braided tube frame sits between the Olympic Ceremony Monowheel’s two rings, making for a giant visual that no one’s going to miss any time soon. To ensure you can show off your ride both day and night, the frame comes with onboard LEDs (your choice of red, white, or blue) that keep you visible during those evening runs to the convenience store. Steering is managed by leaning into the desired turn, with braking accomplished by simply digging your feet into the ground. Granted, it’s probably a horrible idea to take this on the road (you won’t just annoy off motorists, but probably other bicycle riders), but, hey, we bet it’s going to be all manners of fun. Construction is steel for the rings and ABS plastic for the frame.

The Olympic Ceremony Monowheel is available now from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $7,000.

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