Ciclotte Exercise Machine That Won’t Destroy Your Room’s Aesthetics

Want an exercise machine that’s prettier than most of your decorative home pieces?  Get your cardio without ruining your décor with the Ciclotte, a refreshingly elegant-looking stationary bicycle that could easily pass off as a modern art sculpture.

First shown off months ago as a proof of concept, the stylish exercise bike from designer Luca Schieppati is now available for discerning fitness buffs.  Minimalist in make and extremely modern in operation, it easily offers the best option for living room or in-office exercising, giving you all of the calorie-burning benefits and none of the eyesore.

The Ciclotte is made from steel, carbon and glass fiber materials that combine into a sleek and original monowheel form.  Plop your crotch on the saddle and begin pushing the pedals to get the dual satellite epicycloid system going.  If that sounds scary, don’t worry – it’s just an unusual set of gears that spins the magnetized main wheel.  Resistance is provided by the magnetic field produced from the wheel’s spinning motion, working your lower extremity muscles and increasing your heart rate like every good stationary bike should.

Both the alcantara-padded saddle and snail-antenna handlebars are adjustable to suit various riding positions.  On the upper right side of the machine lies a small touchscreen display, where you can choose among twelve different program settings.

We’re not sure if you’re paying for the exercise machine or the artistic form factor, but the Ciclotte retails for a hefty $10,700.  Don’t expect your corner gym to get one any time soon.  It comes in three colors – full-carbon black, silver and purple.