Keep Your Feet Dry With The Outlier Feit Supermarines

The Outlier Feit Supermarines aren’t the only waterproof sneakers in the market.  All things considered, however, they do make a good case for being your weatherproof casual kicks of choice.

Uppers are made from two materials — Supermarine Cotton (an updated form of ventile) and French calf leather.   The densely-knit waterproof ventile is used for the outer layer, while the soft and breathable leather is lined twice on the inside.  Outlier claims the inner layer is so supple, you won’t even bother with wearing socks (unless the no-socks look makes you throw up, that is).

The Outlier Feit Supermarines use only two seams, one that attaches the tongue and one that closes up the rear, further minimizing any potential entryways for water.  Full-sized French vegetable leather is used for the outsole, with a two-piece Vibram sheet on top to give it solid grip and traction.  A cork midsole is used for shock absorption and natural breathability.

Other features include waxed cotton laces, a discreet lace tuck, a 3M reflective heel cap and a buffalo leather insole.  Everything is made and sewn by hand (production volume is a bit limited because of it), so you get fully-detailed construction that’s a step above the crappy machine assembly that normally passes for making shoes these days.

Available in olive and flat black, the Outlier Feit Supermarines are a bit on the expensive side at $260.  It looks good and sounds built to last, though, which is what really good footwear should be.  They’re currently on pre-order with a June ship date.