This Mini Safe Forces You To Play Analog Pac-Man Before You Can Open It


You can play Pac-Man, in one form or another, in, pretty much, any platform where people play games. It’s just a ubiquitous part of gaming from the start. With the Pac-Man: Procrastination Power Maze Safe, in fact, you don’t even need a screen to play the pioneering breakout title of the maze chase genre.

A miniature safe, the box has an analog Pac-Man game all around its exterior, where you need to lead a yellow ball (yes, it’s supposed to be Pac-Man) through a complex labyrinth. You need to get the ball to the destination in order to open the safe, essentially forcing you to play a round of the timeless classic before being able to do anything else.


The Pac-Man: Procrastination Power Maze Safe covers all four exterior walls of the box with a 2D labyrinth, where you’ll have to lead the yellow Pac-Man ball through by turning the box in different directions. The maze is littered with pellets, cherries, and ghosts, much like a regular Pac-Man games, although they’re all decorative here, since the metal ball won’t be able to eat the pellets and the printed ghosts won’t be able to hurt the yellow ball bearing, as normally happens in a regular Pac-man game.

We don’t know where in the maze Pac-Man is supposed to go, but, from what we can tell, there’s a dungeon of sorts where the metal ball is supposed to go through, which should then disengage the lock. Is this fun? Well, if you liked those old 2D puzzles where you lead a ball to a hole in a maze, then this should offer the same entertainment. However, having to do the same puzzle just to open the darn thing every time can get annoying, so probably pick it up only if you really, really like maze-navigation puzzles. Or Pac-Man.

The Pac-Man: Procrastination Power Maze Safe is now available for preorder with a December ship date. Price is $16.99.

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