Store Your Smartphone Inside The Phoozy To Protect It From Extreme Heat And Cold


Ever spent time out in cold or hot weather, then reached into your pocket to find your phone shut down and refusing to turn on? Hasn’t happened to me, but, apparently, it’s a problem some people deal with, especially those who live in places where the climate swings between extremes. If you’ve experienced that and want to keep it from happening, then you’ll be interested in the Phoozy.

Billed as a “thermal capsule for your smartphone,” it’s a pouch that’s designed to weatherproof your phone, allowing you to expose it to both extreme heat and extreme cold without draining the battery, causing it to shut down, or eliciting whatever reactions your phone has to crazy temperatures. Simply put, if you’ve ever had your phone messed up by the prevailing weather conditions, then this thing might be the protective enclosure you need to keep that from happening again.


The Phoozy is, basically, a simple pouch where you can place your phone when you want it shielded from the wrath of the elements. Unlike regular pouches, though, it comes with a multi-layer construction that, according to the outfit, has been adapted from spacesuit technology. We know, that sounds sketchy, but it really is quite the technical combination of materials. Outside, for instance, it uses a chromium shell that reflects over 90 percent of solar radiation, keeping heat out so your phone can stay at level temperatures even while you stay out in the sunlight during the hottest summer days.

Beneath that is a layer of SpaceTech Ripstop, which provides durable protection and cold air insulation, allowing it to withstand extreme cold of up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Under it is a shock-absorbing layer that absorbs vibrations anytime the phone takes impact (like when you drop it on rocks), all while providing floatation when your phone is dropped in the water. That’s right, your phone will stay on the water surface when you drop it while kayaking in the river, saving you from having to dive, search for it, and lose your life getting eaten by baby piranhas. Or something like that. Inside, it comes with a soft-touch protective liner that provides a gentle surface for your phone to nestle in.


They make the Phoozy for different types of phones, by the way, so you can get one that’s sized exactly for your brand and model. From what we can tell, it shouldn’t add all that much bulk, so the whole thing should still fit comfortably in your pants pocket.

Do you need this? We don’t know. We’re guessing it’s the kind of thing you’ll either want or not based on your experience. For instance, if you’ve ever had a phone conk out due to heat while dune racing or due to cold while skiing, then it’s definitely something you’ll want to consider. If you’re not the type to spend extended periods outdoors with a phone in your pocket during extreme weather months, though, it just might be a tad unnecessary.


Available now, the Phoozy is priced at $29.99.

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