Plus Wireless Interactive Whiteboard Brings Presentations Into The Future


Still looking for a better way to make presentations?  Try the new Plus Wireless Interactive Whiteboard,  a portable dry-erase panel with a built-in set of electronic components that lets it work hand-in-hand with your computer.

How portable is this whiteboard?  You can roll it up like a sheet of paper and put it in a bundled carrying case for easy transport, that’s how.  Just take it out when needed, stick it into a wall (using magnets fitted on the back) and use it like any dry-erase surface, scribbling with a water-based marker and projecting images on its rectangular panel.

More than the rather pedestrian function, though, the Plus Whiteboard allows you to interact with programs projected onto its surface by a Bluetooth-connected computer.  Using an electronic pen, you can navigate across the screen, turning it into a virtual touch-enabled display, allowing you to do most everything, from punching buttons to drawing lines.

The screen comes in three sizes, small (measuring 56 inches diagonal), medium (64 inches) and large (72 inches).  It uses an Anoto digital pen system for navigating the interface, which you’ll need to calibrate during the start of every session.

One caveat, though – the manual is in Japanese, so best brush up on your Nippongo skills or spend a few extra hours trying to master the setup.  The Plus Wireless Interactive Whiteboard only works with XP and Vista computers, with price listed at $1,335 for the smallest unit, $1,595 for the medium and $1,823 for the largest sheet.

[JPS via RGS]