Presentation Pointer Gets QWERTY Keys And A Trackpad

A laser pointer is functional enough when you’re showing off a Powerpoint presentation.  When you need a little more interaction with the screen, though, bending down to reach for the mouse and keyboard doesn’t make for the sleekest time in front of your audience.  This Mini Bluetooth Keyboard solves that problem.

Combining a compact QWERTY keyboard, a trackpad and a laser pointer, the handheld device is a veritable Swiss Army knife of PC peripherals.  Aside from use during presentations, it should make for a functional HTPC remote, too, making it good for use at home as it does for the boardroom.

The Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is actually shaped similar to Nokia’s old Communicator phones.  Size is a tad too big to keep in pocket, so you’ll likely need to throw it in the bag, along with your laptop and other work ensemble.   Battery is rated to last for a week of regular use.

Keyboard consists of 72 keys, complete with a range of function keys, media controls and direction buttons.  Just in case that’s not enough, the keys are backlit — so you can type a quick IM on the computer while putting the movie on pause as you lie in bed.  Very convenient.

Wholesaler Chinavasion has the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard in stock, priced at $45.

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