Post-it Extreme Notes Will Keep Your Reminders In Place Through Sun, Rain, And Snow


Ever wrote something on a Post-it note and left it for someone only to have it get wet or exposed to heat, causing it to peel off, fall on the ground, and end up being stepped on, forever ignored? If that sounds like the story of your life, you might want to check out the Post-It Extreme Notes.

Just like regular sticky pads, you can write messages on the sheet, stick it somewhere people can see, and get on with your day. Unlike them, the darn thing is designed to keep its hold and whatever is scribbled on it in hot, cold, and wet conditions, making them far more usable in many situations than standard sticky pads.


The Post-it Extreme Notes uses waterproof paper for the pads, so you can leave it outside in the rain, in the shower, and on the side of a cooler filled with ice without losing whatever is written on it. Even better, it’s designed to work with nothing but regular pens, so you don’t have to buy a special marker to ensure your message stays when the darn thing gets wet. Heck, you can even stick this inside the bathtub and the message will stay on even while the tub is full of water, allowing you to use the sticky pad in entirely new ways.

Of course, having your message stay on is only one part of the equation – you need the pad to stay wherever you stuck it on. With a new adhesive to go with the all new paper, the pads will now stick even to textured surfaces, such as bricks, cinder blocks, and bare wood, as well as retain its hold even when it gets submerged in water, held inside a freezer, or exposed to high temperatures. Granted, we don’t know how high a temperature it can take before the paper burns, so it’s probably not a good idea to leave a message inside the oven before you start cooking.


Because of these properties, the Post-it Extreme Notes can be used in places where it might not have been feasible in the past. These include inside commercial freezers (so you can label meats and other perishables), on the mailbox outside (so you can leave a message for delivery personnel), and busy job sites where regular sticky pads are likely get hit and come off many times during the day, along with many outdoor and industrial settings. The notes, by the way, measure 3 x 3 inches, with 45 sheets included in each stack of pads.


Sounds like the perfect sticky pad? Pretty much, yes, but with one caveat. According to 3M, the adhesive cannot be stuck onto wet surfaces. As such, you’ll have to wipe any wet surface down to dry it and stick the pad on after that. Once it’s done, though, the area can get wet again without causing any trouble for the pad.

Want one? The Post-it Extreme Notes is available now in sets of three pads.

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