Slickynotes Are Like Post-Its That Cling To Surfaces Without Adhesive

We don’t know if anyone’s in the market for a Post-It pad with a fresh twist, but that’s definitely what Slickynotes bring to the table. No novelty gimmick as most adhesive note pads here — just a clever new design that both eliminates the adhesive component and gives folks a reusable backside.

Made by Ecostatic Inc., it looks like a regular stationery at first glance. Check the side that sticks to surfaces, though, and you’ll notice there’s no strip of adhesive anywhere. That’s because it doesn’t use any sticky compound to attach itself to surfaces, preferring to employ static electricity to create the same effect.

The front side of Slickynotes (the one with a color) is where you’re supposed to write your messages, memos and reminders, while the back (white) is the one you slap onto a flat surface. The back side is made from the same material as whiteboards, giving it the ability to electrostatically cling to surfaces for weeks at a time. Any smooth and dry surface is fair game for clinging onto, including walls, windows, doors, desks, and more.

When the electrostatic charge finally does wear off, you don’t have to throw away the stationery either. You can simply use the whiteboard side as a mini-whiteboard (write and rewrite over them with dry-erase markers) for whatever purpose it serves you instead. Pretty cool.

Slickynotes, which comes in small, medium and large sizes, is available directly from Ecostatic’s website. Price for sets of 100 starts at $1.99.

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