Parcel Nest Reinvents The Mailbox For Our Modern Needs


Between email, SMS, and instant messaging, sending physical letters is more unnecessary than ever. Yet, that doesn’t mean the mailbox has gone the way of the dinosaurs. In fact, we need them more than ever, with the increasing amount of items we order online. The Parcel Nest is a redesigned mailbox that takes those modern needs into account.

A larger-than-usual mailbox, it has enough room to fit two boxes filled with a dozen bottles of wine each, ensuring it can hold most of the parcels you receive from online stores and subscription services. Whether for bags of groceries, Amazon deliveries, or a new ridiculous outfit from Betabrand, most things you get online should fit inside this thing without any problem.


Worried your stash might get stolen if the delivery guy leaves it inside the Parcel Nest? Don’t be. That’s where its unique, patent-pending design comes in. You see, the box can be opened both from the front and the back. While the back door is just like any conventional opening (you’re supposed to retrieve the package from there), the front comes with a unique design that makes it possible to push a package in, but impossible to pull it out. This is done using a set of finger-like bars that guard the front opening, which can fold inwards when you’re pushing a package in, but cannot fold out. Both front and rear doors come with locks (although, you’ll have to leave the front door open if you want the delivery guy to put the parcels inside).


Like any mailbox, the Parcel Nest can be set up on the fence, in a post or even bolted onto the ground, giving you plenty of options in installation.   Construction is a poly-fiberglass mix that gives it both durability and weather-resistance.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Parcel Nest. They only deliver in Australia for this crowdfunding round, though, with pledges to reserve a unit starting at $242.

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