PuckPuck Turns The Aeropress Into A Cold Brew Drip Tower

We’re big fans of Aeropress, which has, pretty much, become most people’s portable coffee brewer of choice over the last decade. It’s compact, it’s affordable, and it cooks up a really good serving of coffee. It’s so good, in fact, we know some people who use it to make coffee at home, too. In case you’re one of those, you might be interested in the PuckPuck, an adapter that turns the Aeropress into a functional cold brew drip tower.

No, it won’t turn the Aeropress into one of those fancy glass towers your coffee snob friend uses to make cold brew at home. Not quite. It will, however, allow it to do, pretty much, all the functions necessary to achieve a proper cold brew with none of the pricey investments those glass towers will require.

The PuckPuck consists of a valve that mounts on top of the Aeropress tube and a 500 ml water vessel that screws into it. To use, set up the Aeropress on top of a mug (or any other drinking vessel) as you normally would, filling it up with coffee and adding the filter, but skipping the plunger entirely. Instead of that, you place the valve on top of the tube, fill the container on top with cold water, and adjust the valve to make it start dripping onto the coffee at the pace you desire.

According to the outfit, you can adjust the valve to drip slower or faster by simply turning it clockwise or counterclockwise, so you can drip-and-steep your coffee a few minutes, a few hours, or an entire lifetime if you’re patient enough to wait (not recommended, by the way). If you need help properly calibrating the drip to exact specifications, you can download the companion app (Drip Counter on iOS and Android), which can help you exert even more control over the process by accurately timing the dripping process.

How good of a cold brew coffee can you make with this? We imagine, it’s pretty good, considering the PuckPuck and Aeropress combo does everything those $250 cold brew towers are designed to do, which is slowly drip cold water and steep the ground beans in it. Just without the fancy winding tubes that make the process seem more complex at first glance. It’s designed to work with the Aeropress Coffee Maker, by the way, with no mention of compatibility with the Aeropress Go, although we imagine it probably works with that, too.

Want to enjoy cold brew drip coffee on the road? It can work, as the valve only measures a compact 6.8 x 2.4 cm (diameter x height). While the included water container is bigger, the valve is actually designed to be compatible with most PET water bottles (the water container uses the same opening as common mineral water bottles), so you just use those instead of the container to hold your iced water. Construction is food-grade BPA plastic.

The PuckPuck for Aeropress is available now.

Puck Puck Cold Brew Attachment
  • Only works with the most popular coffee press coffee maker, AeroP.