Puma Ink On Suede Puts Tattoos On Your Sneakers

First released in 1968, the Puma Suede continues to reign as the brand’s most recognizable model.  Like many iconic sneakers, it’s gotten plenty of reissues and special editions throughout the years.  So far, though, the Puma Ink on Suede series has to be my favorite.

Like the first two installments of these special edition kicks, the shoes feature the model’s timeless design, paired with tattoo graphics printed on the insides and soles.  Not only are these limited editions, these are also the last of the Ink on Suede series, making it a must-score for sneakerheads of all shapes and sizes.

Three designs come with the new series, with each shoe sporting tattoo graphics from either Davide di Stefano, Rino Valente or Heinz.  Stefano’s goofy cartoon design comes with a black upper, Valente’s traditional fire and skull on  gray, and Heinz’s Americana eagle on a cream colorway.

We’re not sure if it’s a good thing or bad, but the graphics are totally inconspicuous when you wear this with your everyday clothes.  But, man, they’ll look crazy good lined up on that Shrine Rack with the rest of your premium sneaker collection.

The Puma Ink on Suede series is available from select stores worldwide, as well as online exclusively through UNOTRE.  Price is £99 (around $140).