PurePort Multi-Tool Kit Brings A Unique Cleaning Multi-Tool For iPhones And iPads

When your gadget won’t charge, there are a few things you can try. First, you adjust the power connection to make sure everything’s flush. Next, you blow into the hole to try to get any dust out. Then, you wipe down the connector to make sure it’s not dirty. If all that still doesn’t work, you buy a new cable to see if that fixes things. With the PurePort Multi-Tool Kit, there might be a few other things you can try before going the replacement route.

Billed as an “essential cleaning tool” for iPhones and iPads, the device gives you everything you need to remove any unwanted debris from ports, restore function to connectors, and clean the tiny nooks everywhere on your Apple gadgets. If you use an iPhone or an iPad, this is the kind of thing you’ll want to have in your gear stash, as it allows you to perform some of the most common surface-level maintenance those electronic devices will require.

The PurePort Multi-Tool Kit consists of a tool with six protruding tips, each individually numbered to indicate which function each one is meant to perform. To use a tool, simply pull out the tip and put it back the opposite way, so that the tool head is exposed. From there, you just go and do the job. Tool number 1 is a port pick, which can be used to remove large debris from your device’s Lightning port, with a design that allows it to reach the port’s retainer spring cavity, while Tool number 2 holds a brush that’s designed to remove dust, hair, and similar dry contaminants, with a loop design that makes it safe to use around connector pins.

Tool number 3 is a port wipe that’s meant to be used with the included cleaning solution for reducing oxide damage and enhancing conductivity on the Lightning port. According to the outfit, you need to apply the solution to both sides of the head to ensure you cover every surface of the opening.

The PurePort Multi-Tool Kit’s number 4 tool is a cable wipe for Lightning connectors with oxide damage. To use it, drop some cleaning solution into the opening, insert the damaged connector, and remove it, repeating the last two steps around five times before trying to use it. Tool number five is an abrasive wipe that’s designed to clean Lightning connectors with blackened pins to clear out the discoloration. Tool number 6 is a more conventional brush that’s meant for removing fine lint, dust, and debris that accumulate along the speaker and earpiece perforations, as well as the edges of the buttons, on your iPhones and iPads. Lastly, they also threw in a microfiber cloth for general cleaning all other surfaces on your devices.

Will it work with other gadgets and cables? While you can probably try, it’s not guaranteed, since the sizes of the cleaning heads and the opening wipes are all customized to fit Lighting ports and connectors, so there’s a good chance it won’t be able to clean non-Lightning devices.

The PurePort Multi-Tool Kit is available now.

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