Ransa Sofa Floats Over Your Library Of Books

You can’t help but admire the design of the Ransa Sofa, which makes it appear like your seating furniture is floating over a floor-level bookshelf.  I just have a feeling you won’t be able to live with it if you’re a neat freak, though — those lines of books will get kicked and knocked over more times than you can probably stomach.

Created by Younes Duret, the living room furnishing pairs a book storage at the base and a regular seating fixture on top of it.  We’re guessing it’s meant for lounging — just pick up a random book from below, curl up and enjoy.

The Ransa Sofa is made from wood and measures  140 x 180 x 87 cm.  As with the pictures, you can place a mattress over the seating surface, in case you’re not into resting your posterior on hard material.   The base has built-in shelf dividers, allowing you to line up your books without having them fall over (until you accidentally kick them, that is).

I’ve been looking at the different pictures over at the source website and I can’t really figure out how the actual sofa is held up.  From what I can tell, there’s one leg at the center that runs from front to back — that’s it.   And that sounds totally unstable.

We’re not sure if the Ransa Sofa is for sale, since there’s no word of it over at the portfolio website where it’s posted.  Chances are, it’s a prototype at best — one that could very well be an excellent sofa for a library or study (provided you don’t mind the likely unavoidable mess).