Reckonect Magnetic Notebook Has Leaves That You Can Detach And Reattach Any Time


It doesn’t matter whether a notebook is bound using springs, thread, or adhesive for binding – once you rip off a page, there’s no chance of it coming back. The Reckonect Magnetic Notebook changes that.

Combining a magnetic spine with pages containing iron ink, the notebook has leaves that can be detached and attached at will, allowing you to rip off notes that you want to review, then put them back in place with the rest of the pages. That way, you can use each note separately in the most convenient way possible, while still being able to organize them properly when you’re done.


The Reckonect Magnetic Notebook has magnets on the spine that allow it to snap onto any magnetic objects both inside and outside the cover, so you can snap a machined steel pen outside and the refill pages, which come with one edge covered in iron ink, inside. Being able to detach and reattach at will, these magnetic pages allow you to write, photocopy, and use the notes separately from the rest of the notebook, making it more convenient than traditional notebooks for many tasks. According to the outfit, the ink should retain its iron components for a long time, so all your notes should stay intact through years of being stored on the shelf, making this equally useful for folks who like to accumulate dozens of notebooks through the years.

Do note, the paper can snap onto the spine at different points, so it could be tricky lining things up perfectly when you’re reattaching pages. While that won’t be a problem for many, those a bit more obsessive about the neatness and orderliness of their stationery stacks could find it quite a frustrating affair. Simply put, you’ll probably have to remove the entire stack (pinch the stack from the top left and slowly pull away), line them up with the detached pages, and snap the whole thing to the spine all at once on a frequent basis. Given how convenient it is to have a notebook with leaves that can detach and reattach as much as you want, though, it sounds like a worthy hassle.


The Reckonect Magnetic Notebook has a hard-shelled exterior made from faux leather, so it should be durable enough to protect your precious notes, complete with an elastic band that wraps around the notebook to keep it shut tightly. It uses 80gsm paper refills that come blank, lined, dotted, or printed with graphing lines, so you can combine different types of paper in a single notebook, depending on what you need. A total of 55 sheets can be attached to the spine all at once.


Dimensions are 8.1 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches (height x width x depth) for the notebook, so while this won’t slide into a pants pocket, you can slip it inside any bag pretty easily. It comes in six colors for the cover, namely black, blue, red, orange, green, and purple.

The Reckonect Magnetic Notebook is priced at $29.95, with refills costing $8.95 for 55 sheets.

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