Reservible Cleats Leather Boots Makes Your Snow Shoes Usable For Indoor Surfaces Too


Some shoes are just begging to be made.  These Reservible Cleats Leather Boots definitely slot into that category.

Walking on a really icy surface?  Activate the spikes on the underside and you’ve got a no-slip pair of snow shoes ready to take on the slushiest ground.  Heading back indoors?  No need to change footwear, as you can simply flip the cleats over to hide the steel studs.

Each pair of shoe gets two sets of cleats studded with tempered steel – one in the front part of the foot sports eleven of them and the one in the heel gets five.  They both flip a complete 180-degrees to hide the spiky grip inside the grooves, allowing you to walk on Mom’s kitchen without damaging the floor.

Being a part of your winter get-up, the footgear’s uppers are made from waterproof leather.  They look like regular, everyday boots otherwise, rising about 7.5 inches from the heel, complete with zippers, wool lining and removable felt insoles   Because of the reversible cleats, it’s footwear you can actually use even after winter’s over, which is awesome since the spikes can easily double as a weapon.  Not that the tiny 16 studs on each foot can actually inflict much hurt, but it should  prove seriously irritating to be continually pricked during a scuffle.  I imagine it’s like being attacked by a small army of ants.

The Reservible Cleats Leather Boots is available in whole sizes between 7 to 13. It only comes in one color – black – and is priced at $199.95.

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