RHA Wireless Flight Adapter Lets You Use Your Bluetooth Headphones With The In-Flight Entertainment


You invested in a nice pair of noise-canceling wireless headphones with built-in amplifiers. And you love the thing to death. Problem is, they’re completely worthless when you want to watch a movie on the plane during flights, since the darn entertainment consoles will only play nice with 3.5mm jacks. The RHA Wireless Flight Adapter changes that.

A 3.5mm adapter, it plugs into the headphone jack on your in-flight entertainment system, allowing you to connect to it wirelessly over Bluetooth instead. No need to use the crap earphones supplied by the airline or buy one of those wired cans you’ve long stopped using – just carry one of these things every time you’re flying and you can use those wireless cans all to your heart’s content.


The RHA Wireless Flight Adapter looks like one of those mobile chargers with folding plugs, except instead of power plugs, the darn thing has two folding 3.5mm jacks. Fold out the connectors, stick them into the double 3.5mm in-flight sockets on the entertainment system, and press the lone button on the device, then you’re set, ready to stream sound from whatever movie is playing to your favorite wireless headphones. Because it takes up both 3.5mm sockets, it can stream to up to two headphones simultaneously, so you can watch the same show along with the guy on the next seat. And yes, you can use it with audio sources outside of your flights – just fold out one of the jacks (they’re hinged separately) and plug it in. That’s right, you can now have Bluetooth on your Switch, the vintage MP3 player you still enjoy using, and the

It’s equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, with high-fidelity aptX for CD-quality music listening and aptX Low Latency for perfectly-synced quality audio, whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music, or jamming to a live concert onscreen. Suffice to say, quality here will be comparable to any Bluetooth 5.0 audio source, so you can listen to your in-flight entertainment without any compromises.


The RHA Wireless Flight Adapter uses gold-plated 3.5mm connectors to ensure lasting performance through all of your travels. A 330mAh onboard battery allows it to run for up to 16 hours between charges, which should be enough for most people’s entertainment needs, regardless of how long you’ll be up in the skies. Like the usual Bluetooth devices, it has a maximum range of 10 meters, which should be good for most of your needs.


It measures around the size of Tic-Tac box, so you can keep this in a shirt pocket while you take an Uber on your way to the airport. Do note, the small size means this thing will also be easy to lose, so you’ll have to remember to take it off from the in-flight console the same time you put your headphones away, unless you want to end up going through these things the same way you go through mobile chargers. Yes, we mean, the way you lose a couple of them every month.

The RHA Wireless Flight Adapter is available now, priced at $49.95.

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