Master & Dynamic MW60 Bluetooth Headphones Have A Whopping 130-Foot Range


Most Bluetooth headphones let you listen to music while chilling up to 30 feet away from your audio source. It’s a convenient enough distance, but if you want to continue a Skype conversation on your laptop while walking down the hallway of your apartment building or checking in with a neighbor, there’s a good chance you’ll find the signal coming up short. The Master & Dynamic MW60 fixes that.

Extending the Bluetooth range four times that of standard headphones, it can pick up audio streams from as far as 130 feet. That way, you don’t have to be confined to within a short distance while using your headphones, even if you live in a giant mansion and want to charge your phone in the living room while chilling out to your Spotify playlist on the other side of the estate (well, depends on how big it is, but these cans should be your best bet).


The Master & Dynamic MW60 achieves the expanded range by using an exposed (as in, it’s out in the open, rather than covered by other materials) powerful antenna. Even better, the antenna is integrated into the exterior styling, so it’s able to sit there in plain sight without serving as an eyesore. Features include custom 45mm neodymium drivers, an integrated battery rated at up to 16 hours of music playback, tactile controls, an omnidirectional mic for those long chats over Skype, and premium construction (stainless steel, cowhide, and lambskin).


Want one? The Master & Dynamic MW60 is currently available for preorder in two colors, priced at $549.

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