This Floating Picnic Table Takes Your Summer Al Fresco Meals To New Levels


Having a picnic under clear summer skies? Fun. Soaking yourself in water to get a reprieve from the summer heat? Just as fun. What about having a picnic while soaking in water at a nearby lake or beach? Apparently, you can have that kind of fun, too, with the Rhino Floating Picnic Table.

That’s right, it’s a picnic table that lets you enjoy meals al fresco while soaking in the water. No, we don’t mean the middle of the ocean like one of those fancy picnic boats, but you can anchor it a few feet off the shore to keep half of your bodies soaked while you stuff your face with food and pour cold beverages down your throat. Refreshing.


The Rhino Floating Picnic Table is an erstwhile regular-looking picnic table, combining a rectangular tabletop designed with integrated seating for four people.  You can, in fact, use it as a regular picnic table – just plop it down on the ground, lay the food out on the tabletop, and start digging in. The bench seating wraps all around the table, by the way, giving you a pair of surfaces on either end, where you can set down coolers, dry bags, or any other supplies you want to bring to the water. You can even use them as actual seats, although you’ll have to be facing away from the table (no legroom).

Unlike many floating products we’ve seen, it’s not inflatable, so there’s no need to blow it up in order to use it. Problem is, you won’t be able to deflate the darn thing for easy transport, either, so you’ll have to mount this on a roof rack, throw it in the bed of your pickup, or find some other way to bring it to the water. We’re not quite sure what material it’s made from, either, but it must be some sort of wood or plastic composite, considering it needs to be sparse enough to float, light enough to carry to the water, and durable enough to bear the weight of multiple adult-sized individuals. According to the outfit, it’s been float-tested to support up to 600 pounds.


The Rhino Floating Picnic Table has cup holders on each corner, allowing you to keep your drinks from tipping over, no matter how much the table tilts from the movement of the water. Eyehooks at the ends let you strap down whatever gear you set down on there, so your coolers, dry bags, and other supplies won’t end up falling in the water. A waterproof coating makes cleanup extremely easy, so you can just wash it or wipe it down whenever it catches onto any dirt or stains. Dimensions are 96 x 60 x 20 inches (width x depth x height) with a weight of 65 pounds, which makes it pretty manageable to move around, whether you’re at a lake, in the beach, or in the backyard swimming pool.


The Rhino Floating Picnic Table is available now, priced at $629.99. They also have a kids’ version, a round version, and a variety of other similar products for use in the water.

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