Road Bike Decal Comes With Handlebar Hooks For Hanging Stuff

Looking to spruce up a wall while adding a couple extra places for hanging coats and hats?  If you’re into bicycling for whatever reason (even if only because all the other hipsters do it),  then you might want to grab the Road Bike Decal, a 3D wall stick-on with real handlebar hooks.

Sold by PBTeen, the adhesive paper part features a black silhouette of a standing bicycle, paired with racing-style bike handlebars for hanging or shelving your gear.  Granted, it doesn’t sport the best-looking graphic in the world but the added function is a tad too clever to resist.

The Road Bike Decal measures 39.5 x 9.5inches, with the end of the hooks protruding eight inches from the wall.   The two-piece decal part is peel and stick of course, although, you’ll need to mount the metal handlebars like any regular hooks (mounting hardware and instructions included).

A maximum weight of 12 lbs can be hung on the handlebar hooks, so forget doing pull-ups on it when you want to sweat a little.  If you have the wall space, it looks like a good idea to line up three or four of these.  Maybe it will look like you’re having a bike race or something.

You can get the Road Bike Decal from the PBTeen website, priced at $59.