Rovr Travelr 30 Is A Cooler Designed To Fit Another Cooler

We’re big fans of Rovr’s Keepr cocktail caddy, an insulated ice bucket that allows you to keep drinks and ice nearby without having to bring out the large roto-molded YETI you’ve got stashed in the garage. It’s, basically, an ice bucket that can keep ice for a few hours, making it a lot more convenient. Not only is it great to use at home, it should prove handy at campsites, beaches, and various outdoor events. That’s why the outfit’s newest cooler, the Rovr Travelr 30, has been specifically designed to fit the Keepr inside its main insulated chamber.

Yes, they created a soft cooler that allows you to take their insulated ice bucket on the go. That way, you can set up your cocktail caddy with ice and libations the way you enjoy it when your friends come by at home, ready to pull out and enjoy as soon as you get to the beach, the music festival, or wherever else you’re chilling for the day.

The Rovr Travelr 30 is a semi-rigid soft cooler in an elliptic cylinder shape with a 30-quart (28 liters) capacity, so you get enough room inside to fit around three dozen cans of refreshments (maybe less, if you want a good load of ice in there) if you’d rather use it without throwing the Keepr inside. It has a wraparound zipper that allows you to flip the lid completely for unobstructed access to the main compartment. It’s that wide opening, in fact, that allows you to easily slip the Keepr cocktail caddy in there, with a bit of space on the sides for ice and plenty of space on top for additional drinks (or even more ice).

It comes with two carrying options: a pair of webbing handles for transporting by hand and a shoulder strap for those times it’s a little too heavy for your grip to handle. The whole thing, by the way, measures 19 x 17 x 14 inches, so it’s not exactly low-profile as far as soft coolers go.

The Rovr Travelr 30 has a thick watertight TPU base with fully-welded seams, so you can safely set it down on rough surfaces, along with a waterproof nylon shell that should hold up to the demands of the outdoors and an antimicrobial liner that makes the whole thing easy to clean. Insulation is provided by an inch-thick closed-cell high-density foam surrounding the entire wall of the cooler, although there’s no listed rating as to how long it can keep ice. Considering they’re marketing it as a day cooler, though, you probably shouldn’t expect more than a day or two before any ice inside melts.

Like many soft coolers, it’s able to fold flat for easy packing, allowing you to leave home with a big container and go back with nothing but a flat pile. Features include six loops on each side for tying down and mounting accessories, removable shoulder and sternum straps, and a light weight of just 4.4 pounds.

The Rovr Travelr 30 is available now, priced at $249.99.

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