Samsung AirDresser Offers A Gentle Way To Clean Your Not-So-Dirty Clothes

Do you ever go home and take off your shirt, thinking “This shirt is still too clean to go to the laundry,” but you throw it in anyway, since it’s not exactly as pristine as it looked when you put it on this morning? Yeah, it happens, since we don’t really have a gentler option for cleaning shirts and other garments. At least, that was the case before the Samsung AirDresser.

Clad in the form of a clothes locker, it’s designed to hang three shirts and a few accessories that it will then proceed to clean. No, we don’t mean tumbling them in a pile of soapy water. Instead, the appliance gives your garments a refresh using much gentler processes that give your garments a light but effective cleaning without roughing them up, eliminating the kind of wear they will normally get from washing machines.

The Samsung AirDresser comes with three built-in hangers, allowing you to hang three garments inside the main compartment at a time, as well as two rods that you can use to hang ties, scarves, and similar accessories. When activated, the device sprays air and steam onto the garments from the top and bottom, a process which eliminates dust, odor, and harmful pollutants. According to the outfit, this cleaning is so thorough that it can even eradicate any residual microdust, allowing you to get your shirts, pants, and jackets looking as good as the day they came out of the laundry even though you’ve already worn them a few times since then.

An integrated filtration system automatically removes any dust, contaminant, and particulate removed from the clothing, essentially purifying the air inside to ensure they don’t get onto the next of batch of clothes you clean in it. Each cleaning session should take around 25 minutes, which, the outfit claims, will be enough to rid clothes of 99 percent or more of any dust and particulates that make their way into your clothing.

Aside from cleaning clothes and accessories, the Samsung AirDresser can also remove wrinkles, so there’s no need to pull out the iron every time you get some wrinkles on your favorite dress shirt. Like many modern appliances, it’s internet-connected and works with Samsung’s SmartThings app, where it sends notifications whenever a batch of cleaning is done and whenever the air filter requires a replacement. It has multiple cleaning settings, by the way, with the app able to make detailed recommendations based on the kind of garments you’re placing inside.

Designed to integrate with most contemporary homes, the appliance is styled like a mini-closet, with a mirror at the door, allowing it to look like an unassuming standing mirror when placed in any room in the house. At least, that’s the case when you look at it from the front, as the boxy proportions become apparent once you view it from the side.

The Samsung AirDresser will come out in Korea this September, priced starting at $1,550. Oddly enough, turns out this isn’t a unique product in Korea, as it’s seeking to compete with the LG Styler, a similar product that’s been in that market since 2011.

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