Samsung SleepSense Sleep Tracker Can Turn Off The TV When You Nod Off


Unlike other sleep trackers, the Samsung SleepSense doesn’t need to be worn on your body or laid on the bed. Instead, you simply leave it under the mattress, making for a totally unobtrusive device that can keep detailed tabs on your sleep cycles.

Sporting a shape similar to the Millennium Falcon, the slim, pancake-flat device is designed to add no discernible bulk to the mattress, so the bed should stay as comfortable as it’s always been. You just leave it there, too, ready to monitor your sleep stats as long as it stays paired to the accompanying app the next time you hit the bunk.

The Samsung SleepSense uses a contactless sensor to measure heart rate, breathing, and movement during sleep, with an accuracy of up to 97 percent. A summary of your sleep activity can be reviewed from the app every morning, where it’s mapped against the average data for someone of your age, along with your total sleep score. That latter stat, by the way, is calculated based on seven elements: total sleep time, sleep efficiency, time it took to fall asleep, number of times you woke up, number of times you got out of bed, percentage of time in REM, and percentage of time in deep sleep. Aside from the report, you’ll also get specific recommendations on how it can be improved, based on guidelines created by Dr. Christos Mantzoros of the Harvard Medical School. Additionally, the sensor is designed to interface with Samsung’s smart appliances and their SmartThings app, allowing events to be triggered as soon as you fall asleep or wake up, such as turning off the lightbulbs, shutting off the TV, or adjusting the thermostat.

No word on pricing or availability has been announced for the Samsung SleepSense.

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