ScanDock Is A Cardboard Scanner With An iPhone On Top


If you’ve ever tried scanning a document using your iPhone’s camera (because you’re a cheap guy who can’t afford a real scanner), you’ve probably suffered through the anticipated results – blurry images, bad quality and generally indiscernible scans.  As such, plenty of students (who would rather spend their money on an iPhone than a decent scanner) have to live through the travails of getting bad reproductions (all while they can simply walk to the nearest copy machine).

I can’t remember the last time a graphic scanner has been cool but the ScanDock, a makeshift scanning device built out of corrogated carboards paired with an iPhone, does have its charms.   How do you resist a contraption that looks well-built, but will end up crushed the moment you step on it?


Designed by University of Cincinnati DAAP student Kyle A Koch, the easily collapsible device servers one purpose: to hold your phone steady at an optimal distance while you snap a shot of whatever item you’re looking to score a copy of.   With the contraption in tow, you can guarantee clear pictures on a consistent basis, finally breaking free of the shackles that having no money for a cheap scanner locks you fast in.

Once assembled, the rig should measure 15.5 x 9.5 x 15 inches.  It ships flat and, since its corrogated carboard, should weigh next to nothing.  Customers can ask to have their logo engraved (it’s cardboard, as if you can’t do that yourself), on either the scanner’s arms or the bed.  The iPhone ScanDock is currently selling at design store Ponoko for $16.

Ponoko via Redferret