Self-Heating Butter Knife Melts Cold Butter For Easy Spreading

Dealing with a cold stick of butter for your morning toast is a serious struggle.  Well, not as serious as fixing a bad marriage or preventing a zombie apocalypse, but definitely challenging when you’re as hungry as a malnourished hippo after successfully battling a crocodile first thing in the morning.  This Electric Butter Knife should make the whole process of buttered toast for breakfast just a tad less troublesome.

Made by UK bakery Walburtons, the knife lets you spread cold butter straight onto bread.  No forcibly squishing it, no waiting till it thaws out and no getting creative with the way you lay down the dairy product on your slice of toast.  Just turn on the heating feature and watch that refrigerated butter melt while you slice off a piece.

The Electric Butter Knife uses two AA batteries to heat up the blade, wrapping it in a surface temperature of 41.8 degrees centigrade.  A button on the handle activates the heating elements, with a flashing LED indicator informing you it’s running.  When heated, the blade should be able to spread cold butter straight onto a slice of bread in as short as 30 seconds.

The batteries slip into a compartment right in the handle, so you can quickly reload whenever needed. Not the entire length of the blade gets heated, though — the heating elements are confined near the tip where it will be used to melt the butter when spreading onto bread.

Unfortunately Waburtons hasn’t started production for the Electric Butter Knife yet.  They are planning to release it, though, but details on actual dates and pricing aren’t available.

[via Daily Mail]