Simplehuman Sensor Trash Can Offers Multiple Modes Of Disposing Your Garbage

Don’t like touching the trash can?  I can respect that – it’s icky and gross.  With the Simplehuman Sensor Can, a high-tech touch-free garbage receptacle, you don’t have to.

Just like other modern electronic waste containers, it comes with sensors for automatically popping the lid open when you’re about to throw something in the can.  Unlike them, however, it doesn’t have to open every time someone walks past it.  Instead, it offers multiple modes, allowing you to choose how it responds to your actions.

In Ready Mode, the Simplehuman Sensor Can focuses on the space directly above the lid, which will open only when someone hovers above it.  With Task Mode, it operates at heightened sensitivity by both responding to more triggers and holding the lid open just a few extra seconds.  In Stay-Open Mode, it detects when you’ve been using the can for at least three seconds continuously, then responds by opening wider and staying that way for the next half-minute.  It can also disengage the motor when it detects someone touching the lid.

The receptacle measures 17.4 x 12 x 25.1 inches, with enough space to fit in up to 10.5 gallons of waste.  Body is made from fingerprint-proof stainless steel, with a plastic inner bucket and nylon discs underneath for gently sliding the container across the floor.    Lid has charcoal filters integrated to neutralize foul smells.

The Simplehuman Sensor Can can plug in directly to a wall outlet (adapter is sold separately) or be operated untethered using 6 C batteries (good for 12 months).  It’s available now for $225.

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