Sliding Foam Bars Allow You To Form The Sink In Into Any Chair You Want


Remember the Pin Shelf, which let you create custom shelves by sliding pins forward and back? Well, this Sink In chair sort of takes its cue from that, using a series of foam bars that you can slide to create a custom-fit seating furniture.

Created by Keren Shiker, it’s a literal bundle of foam bars housed inside a pair of wooden frames. The idea is to slide the bars inside the frame in order to fashion your ideal chair shape, so you can create seating furniture that’s fully personalized, whether you prefer to sit high, low, or in utter discomfort.


The Sink In’s bundle of foam bars is large enough that you can make comfortably-sized armchairs for both adults and kids, all while being versatile enough to be used to build high stools, low chairs, or even a cave fort for the kids. When not used as a chair, it looks like a pretty cool foam sculpture, so you can keep this in the living room without much worries about creating an eyesore. Both the foam bars and wooden frames can be adjusted forwards and backwards, with the ensemble able to function whether stood on its wide or narrow side.


Oh yeah, we’re not entirely sure how comfortable this thing is, since you’ve only got two wooden frames touching the ground and keeping it stable. We’re willing to bet it’s a heck of a lot of fun, though.

Available directly from Keren Shiker, the Sink In is priced at $700.

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